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Double-Glazed  Doors & Windows

Since double-glazed doors and windows consist of two panes of glass rather than one, they can provide a range of advantages. Condensation can be avoided between the panes by a desiccant, an inert gas or both. 

Double glazing naturally reduces energy costs due to its insulating qualities. It also allows air conditioners and central heating systems to operate less while maintaining a steady temperature by reducing heat loss in the winter and coolness in the summer.

all of our work comes with a 10-year guarantee

Kent Double Glazing Services

There is nothing we can't do when it comes to double-glazing. Additionally, all of our work comes with a 10-year guarantee. We can handle everything, from windows to doors. At Window Fix Direct Kent, we cover both domestic and commercial properties across Kent and the surrounding areas. You can have peace of mind knowing that our glazing is made to last. We only provide the highest-quality glazing - and that includes durability.

Double Glazed Windows

Our team at Window Fix Direct Kent can provide and install double-glazed windows for all types of properties. 

Double-glazed windows can not only help with insulation, but they're also good for noise reduction and security.

Double Glazed Doors

Much like our double-glazed windows, we can also provide double-glazed doors for both residential and commercial properties. 

Having double-glazed doors is a great investment if you want security; this is because double-glazing is not only durable but also resistant.

Double Glazed Conservatories

When it comes to conservatories, double-glazed windows and doors can not only help turn the space into a year-round, practical, and comfortable living area, but they also help reduce energy costs - as well as keep condensation out.

Secondary Glazing

Improving the security, noise reduction, and heat retention of your windows can be achieved affordably and effectively with secondary glazing. 

Secondary glazing can be the best option if you want the effect of double-glazing, without committing to it.

10 Year Guarantee

Any work we undertake at Window Fix Direct Kent comes with a 10-year guarantee. 

We ensure that our work is always above board and focused on providing you with only the best quality when it comes to glazing.

Cost-Efficient Services

Here at Window Fix Direct Kent, we ensure that all of our services are affordable and at a fair price. 

We want to provide you with quality services without breaking your bank account.

We only provide the highest-quality glazing

Premium Doors And  Windows Kent

Regardless of your circumstances, installing double glazing  - even in one window - instead of single glazing can immediately reduce your energy costs. It's essentially flawless in every aspect and provides you with increased efficiency. 

We at Window Fix Direct Kent offer various high-quality glazing services for all kinds of windows and doors. Our quality glazing can fit any size or shape of doors or windows that you have.

Wide Range Of Double Glazing Products

We can provide you with a large selection of products when it comes to double-glazing. We can supply windows, doors, conservatories, and much more. Naturally, lower heating bills are the main advantage of double-glazed windows. In addition to being harder to shatter than single glazing, double glazing can improve the overall safety of your property.

Double And Triple Glazed Windows

At Window Fix Direct Kent, we can not only install double glazing, but we can also install triple glazing to your windows. 

Triple glazing has the same properties as double glazing - but with more efficiency - meaning you can have added thermal efficiency and less condensation.

Double Glazed Doors

Our double-glazing has the major benefit of being more durable. Our double-glazed doors are stronger than single-glazed ones, which can be broken easily. 

At Window Fix Direct Kent our double-glazed doors are more efficient when it comes to your property's security.

Double Glazed Conservatories

Double-glazed conservatories improve the value of your home and, because of their higher thermal efficiency, can reduce your heating bills during the harsh winter months.

Our Services

Double Glazing Repairs kent

Double Glazing
Repairs kent

Do you need double-glazing repairs? Our experts at Window Fix Direct Kent can fix your broken double glazing and save you money in the long run with our efficiency.

Double Glazing Installers kent

Double Glazing Installers Kent

At Window Fix Direct Kent, not only can we fix broken or faulty double-glazing, but we can also install it too. If you're looking for double-glazed windows or doors, our team can install them for you.

Tiled Conservatory Roof Installers Kent

Conservatory Tiled Roof Installers Kent

Our tiled conservatory roofs are the ideal replacement. At Window Fix Direct Kent, we can give your outdated conservatory roof a gorgeous makeover that is both durable and insulated.