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Double Glazing  Professionals

The team at Window Fix Direct Kent have the knowledge and experience to offer you all the double-glazing services you want. Since they are twice as durable as single-glazed windows, double-glazed windows offer greater security. 

Adding another pane of glass to your property adds another line of defence against any would-be invaders. Our double-glazing services are always a good investment for any property.

Areas We Cover

At Window Fix Direct Kent, we are dedicated to providing exceptional double-glazing services throughout Kent. Our expertise covers a comprehensive range of installations and repairs, ensuring that every window, door, and conservatory we work on meets the highest standards of quality and efficiency. 

Our local team of specialists is committed to delivering tailored solutions that enhance the comfort, security, and aesthetic appeal of your premises.

Please Note: If you location isn't specified here, please feel free to get in contact with us as we maybe able to cover your local area.

Local Double Glazing Services

There is nothing we can't do when it comes to double-glazing. Additionally, all of our work comes with a 10-year guarantee. We can handle everything, from windows to doors. 

At Window Fix Direct Kent, we cover both domestic and commercial properties across Kent and the surrounding areas. You can have peace of mind knowing that our glazing is made to last. We only provide the highest-quality glazing - and that includes durability.

Double-Glazing Repairs

Our team specialises in professional double-glazing repair services, ensuring your windows continue to operate at their best. We understand the importance of quality and strive for perfection in every job we undertake.

This means you can feel confident in our expertise and commitment to achieving the best outcomes for you. We closely evaluate the condition of your windows and thoroughly work to restore them to their peak condition, improving their efficiency and durability. 

Double-Glazing Installation

Our double-glazing installation service is designed with meticulous care to guarantee improved insulation for your property. This is often a major factor in reducing the excessive expenses you might otherwise encounter with heating costs during colder seasons.

Moreover, adding our high-quality double-glazing to your home or commercial property can also have the remarkable advantage of enhancing the property's overall value. Contact us to learn more about how our double-glazing service can benefit you.

Window & Door Locks

We offer a range of high-quality services, including dependable window and door lock services. We're dedicated to boosting the safety of your property by implementing robust and improved security measures. To provide our customers with peace of mind, we ensure every service we offer is highly secure and reliable.

Our team of trained professionals keeps up-to-date with the latest security solutions to offer the best service. We're here to protect your property and provide you with a secure environment to live or work.

Window & Door Hinges & Handles

We pride ourselves on offering a wide spectrum of professional services. Among these, we specialise in the repair of door and window hinges and handles.

Our goal is to provide solutions to all your hardware issues, ensuring the smooth operation and extended durability of your windows and doors. A vital part of maintaining your house, our complete service guarantees that your door and window components will stand the test of time and look sleek in the process. 


At Window Fix Direct Kent, we provide an excellent, professional gasket replacement service. Our primary aim is to help you maintain the thermal efficiency of your windows and doors.

We understand the importance of keeping your property insulated, and that's why our dedicated team is committed to delivering prompt and impeccable service. By replacing faulty or worn gaskets, we can drastically improve the functionality and longevity of your fittings, leading to long-term savings on energy bills. 

Cat/Dog Flaps

Our team specialises in providing a wide variety of cat and dog flap installation options. we aim to combine practical functionality with tasteful aesthetics to cater to your pet's distinct needs.

We ensure all our products are easy to use, durable, and blend seamlessly with the design of your home. Our skilled team are always on hand to offer expert advice and professional installation wherever you are located. For any queries or assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. 


We offer a service to install high-quality letterboxes onto your existing or brand-new doors. Whether you have a modern uPVC door, a traditional wooden door, or something more unique, we are trained to fit a letterbox in any door type with precision.

Your letterbox will be installed to a high standard by our professional team, ensuring secure and durable use. With a wide range of styles and finishes to select from, you can customise your letterbox to match your door perfectly, thus enhancing your home's curb appeal. 

Security Upgrades

At Window Fix Direct Kent, our aim is to ensure the complete safety of your home. Providing secure, robust solutions for your doors, hinges, windows, and conservatories is paramount to our service. Contact us for more information on the security upgrade services we offer.

This includes advanced lock systems, sturdy materials, and resistant glass. Trust us to apply our expertise and diligence in making your home a haven. Our customer support is available to assist with your enquiries. Invest in reliable security with Window Fix Direct Kent.

Our Double Glazing Services

Double Glazing Repairs Kent

Double Glazing
Repairs Kent

Do you need double-glazing repairs? Our experts at Window Fix Direct Kent can fix your broken double glazing and save you money in the long run with our efficiency.

Double Glazing Installers Kent

Double Glazing Installers Kent

At Window Fix Direct Kent, not only can we fix broken or faulty double-glazing, but we can also install it too. If you're looking for double-glazed windows or doors, our team can install them for you.

Tiled Conservatory Roof Installers Kent

Conservatory Tiled Roof Installers Kent

Our tiled conservatory roofs are the ideal replacement. At Window Fix Direct Kent, we can give your outdated conservatory roof a gorgeous makeover that is both durable and insulated.

Domestic & Commercial Glazing Services Kent

Domestic & Commercial  Glazing Services

The purpose of double glazing is to improve insulation compared to regular glazing. By acting as a stronger barrier, double-glazed windows lessen the amount of heat that escapes your home or place of business. Instead, the heat that your house or place of business absorbs from the sun during the day is retained. 

The double-glazing keeps the intense heat outside during the sweltering summer months; the improved insulation that double-glazed windows and doors offer can guarantee that you can enjoy your home or office during any type of weather.

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